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Native Social Bar - Downtown Orlando, Florida

Think of Native as a twist on your local neighborhood bar. A place where the decor and name resonates with the rich culture and history of Orlando. Footprints of the early Seminole Tribes, remains of famous Fort Gatlin, and achievements by original pioneers such as Joseph Bumby are all brought to life as we pay tribute to what laid the foundation for what we have all come to know and love.

Native is a place that welcomes you to come as you are, whether it be after work, pre-dinner, post-game, or dressed to the nines for a night on the town. Sample our unique, proprietary specialty drinks, exclusive whiskey brands or experience our bottle service, if you so desire. Our staff is vibrant, friendly and refreshing. Our decor is nice, but not pretentious. The vibe is relaxed and the music familiar. Welcome home. We created this for you, the Natives.

27 West Church Street. Orlando, Florida 32801.
(407) 649-0000

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